Parents & Students

Student Council after Veterans day Program
Cheerleaders cheering during a pep rally

West Middle School believes that education and learning are shared responsibilities of the student, family, community, and school system.

Our school system encourages all parents/guardians to support their child's learning by:
  • Encouraging regular school attendance
  • Ensuring arrival to school on time, equipped with the necessary supplies
  • Encouraging  positive school behavior
  • Monitoring academic progress
  • Encouraging the positive use of  extracurricular time
  • Teaching social skills to promote positive interactions
  • Volunteering in the school and classroom if time or schedule permits
  • Attending parent-teacher conferences and participate, when appropriate, in decisions relating to educational programs
We encourage all students to support their learning by:
  • Attending school regularly and arriving on time
  • Asking for help when necessary at school and home
  • Completing assignments on time
  • Displaying positive and respectful behaviors to increase learning
  • Making a genuine effort to do the best work possible
  • Discussing the school day and sharing school information with parents